Lou Marinelli

Lou Marinelli

Lou is the epitome of the term “family man.” If you look up the word “family” in the dictionary, you will see his picture. Even though all of our children are adults, he would still call them every time it snowed to make sure that everyone got home safely. He was always available to help out with driving his grandchildren wherever they needed to go – to school, to practice or to a friend’s house. He went to as many of their sporting events as possible and was always one of the most ardent (ie. loudest) supporters. He was also an avid Ravens fan and shared a group of PSL seats with his sons-in-laws and friends.

Spring and summer he made sure that the pool was ready for swimming and in the fall and winter he was preparing delicious food for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

In our community, he was known and loved by everyone. Even people who didn’t know his name knew him as the “walking man” because he walked around the neighborhood 5-6 miles every day. People felt safer knowing that he was walking his beat. He also volunteered at the Reisterstown Senior Center where he is still remembered as a really fun guy.

His legacy didn’t end with his passing from this life because we all still feel his presence now as much as we ever did.

Remembering Lou, Words from a Friend

‘Lou and I were truly boyhood friends…growing up a street apart from each other…always playing ball, running in the woods behind our homes, attending the same grammar school and graduating from the same high school together. We probably had our first cigarette in those woods together and probably had our first beer there together too!

As years passed and the geographic distance between us widened. However, it only took a card or a phone call to immediately rekindle that friendship.’

RIP Lou.
“Boyhood friends….Friends Forever!”

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